Using Domain That Contains Keywords for Your Website? Think Again!

Using domain keywords also makes your website look unprofessional. Why? Please compare with a big company website, do they use keyword domain? In addition, using keyword domains with SEO reasons can actually be dangerous on your website SEO. One source even stated that Google has started to clean up the search results by deleting or deindex websites that contain only keywords, and not the brand.

So, the initial intention to get a position on first page of Google by using domain keyword, it ended up not appear at all in Google search results on any keyword. Currently, this new clean-up action is detected on the website in English, but did not rule out will expand to all websites that Google indexed.

Domain Keyword did have a strong influence a few years ago in SERP. But now Google also rate content and quality backlinks so you need to be careful because if the website is not managed properly will be the spotlight of Google. Now, you can visit and we will help you to be on the first page of Google.