SEO Tips For WordPress

Search engines like Google can determine the topic of a web page in the website if there are keywords that match the content in it These keywords should be included in the title, description, URL, and content because Google usually rank a web page by taking into account the part. XML Sitemap page is a special page that looks like a table of contents. Through these pages, the search engine crawlers can determine what content exists on a website, and how often a website is updated. Indeed, the crawler can explore a website without having to have an XML sitemap page, but some content may be missed. For example, some of the content on your website there are no internal links or links to other pages, it is likely that content will be missed by the crawlers of search engines. You may experience difficulties during the optimization of the website independently, then it is time to contact the SEO services like

It is unfortunate if this time your website does not use Google Authorship. Besides being very good for branding your name as the author, Google Authorship will also increase the number of clicks on your website in a search engine for pictures/photos author will be visible in the search engines. Another advantage of using Google Authorship is the SEO of a website. Articles from authors who have specialized in a particular field tend to rank better in Google than the authors rarely write about topics that are targeted.