Design unique loft with

If not since the beginning of the planned use of loft space with a specific function, necessary to plan the construction of an additional loft floor strong enough to support the weight of the wearer and the furniture in it, but it should not be too burdensome structure. Because the system of columns and foundation course is only designed to support the weight of the building structure underneath, and not taking into account the existence of the floor.

Construction wood flooring can be an ideal choice. Use wooden blocks or local wood 8x12cm size as the main structure at Attach the wooden beams in the shortest span of space, with a distance of every 50 s / d 60cm. Wooden beams can be directly prop up the construction of the ring beam on the wall. Do not forget to provide holes for the ladder as access to the attic from the floor below. Can be used as a floor covering board 3x25cm size, or multiplex 9mm thick. Multiplex on the board or you can install wood parquet flooring or carpets according to the function loft room by